Crisis Counselling: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crisis Counselling?

The interventions associated with traditional Crisis Counselling tend to be directly related to reducing the distress related to the event, providing emotional support, and helping the individual to improve the ways in which they cope with the demands of day to day life.
 My approach to Crisis Counselling is what I call Solution Focused. This means that while I do what traditional Crisis Counsellors do, my main focus is on the resilience, strengths and life-vision of my clients. Moving beyond crisis is rewarding, and it is hard work. So why not strengthen your gains and increase your motivation by building up the life that you really want while you are at it?

 I support my clients by helping them to focus on three things: their own vision of a better life, the strengths and resources that will help them to move towards that vision, and the people who will support their efforts to build the life that they desire.

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How will I know if Counselling is working for me?

Counselling is working when you are able to take positive and constructive steps towards building what you consider to be a better life. A strengthened sense of control and the confidence that you can influence events in your own life should emerge when counselling is working. In short, good things should be happening much more often and on purpose, because you are stronger and moving purposefully towards what you want.

I use OQ Analyst (a computer-based feedback and tracking system) so that you will be able to objectively see and measure the progress that you are making throughout our counselling relationship. Be sure to ask about this!

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How many Counselling Sessions Will I Need to Achieve my Goals?

The number of sessions that you will need to reach your goals will depend upon the types of things that you would like to discuss and the nature of your goals. Every person attends counselling for different reasons, so this is something that we should discuss individually.
What Happens during a Counselling Session?

I am glad that you asked! The best way to answer this question is for me to ask you to read two of my web page: My Approach to Counselling, and the Web Page associated with the main issue that you would like to address during our counselling sessions.
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How much will Counselling Cost?

I offer your first counselling session for FREE, because doing this allows you to commit to doing the work involved in moving towards your goals after you know what that work is, and after you have already done some of it successfully.

The first FREE counselling session is 1.5 hours
Subsequent counselling sessions are billed at a rate of $75 per 60 minute session, including GST.
There is a % 10 discount for appointments before 5pm on weekdays  
The cost of parking is reimbursed by First Step Forward Crisis Counselling after the first free session.

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