Suicide Counselling

Suicide Counselling

If you´re feeling suicidal, it´s likely that your pain seems overwhelming and permanent. Fortunately, suicidal thoughts and feelings are often associated with other life issues that can be addressed and/or mental health challenges that are very treatable. Over time and with professional support, you can overcome the problems and pain that you are facing.

It is important to be clear about what suicidal thoughts and feelings mean, and what they do not mean. Feeling suicidal does not mean that you are crazy, weak, or flawed. It just means that you have more emotional pain than you can cope with right now.

If you or someone that you know has suicidal thoughts or has attempted suicide, the first thing to understand is that feeling suicidal is not that unusual, and that help is available.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Suicidality

According to the suicidology.org website (n.d.), the following are warning signs of possible suicidal intent:

I Ideation
S Substance Use

P Purposelessness
A Anxiety
T Trapped
H Hopeless

W Withdrawal
A Anger
R Recklessness
M Mood Changes          
Ideation refers to suicidal thinking. Signs of this can include talking about want to harm or kill oneself, or threatening to do so. When someone begins looking for ways to kill or harm themselves by seeking out the means to do so (such as guns or pills), or talks a lot about death, dying or suicide when they had not done so previously, these are also clear signs of possible suicidal thinking.

Other warning signs of possible suicidal intent include the following: increased substance use, no sense of purpose, anxiety, insomnia or other sleep issues, feeling trapped or stuck, hopelessness, withdrawal from friends/ family or others, uncontrolled anger or rage, reckless behavior taken without regard to possible consequences and perhaps without thinking, and dramatic mood changes.

If you see these signs in yourself or someone that you know, contact a mental health professional, a crisis line, and/or medical doctor as soon as possible. Effective help is available.

Remember- IS PATH WARM? If so, get help immediately.

What Does Counselling for Suicide Involve?

If you were my client and feeling suicidal, one of the most important things that I would attempt to do is to really understand, emotionally and intellectually, your reasons for feeling that your pain is so deep that ending your life may be the only option. Once we have established trust between ourselves - because you believe that I understand your pain and how it is related to the symptoms at you are experiencing - we will have created a strong foundation for our counsellor/client relationship. Developing trust and mutual understanding is often the most realistic first step towards hope.  

After you are convinced that I understand the pain that you are experiencing, we will also explore how you have been able to continue living in spite of it. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning or accomplishing everyday task takes tremendous courage and strength when one is suicidal. How have you found enough strength, courage and hope to continue living?

Once we know more about the strengths, courage and hope that have allowed you to continue with life, we can begin to work on your plan. This plan will both motivate your steps towards recovery and assure your immediate safety. We will always use proven assessment tools to measure the progress of your steps towards creating a more hope-filled life.

Although you may feel hopeless at times due to your symptoms, there are a variety of counselling methods that can be used to support you in overcoming the pain that you are currently experiencing. As your ability to cope strengthens, we can begin to discuss how you can use the strengths that helped you to escape from suicidality as a source of new energy - an energy that you can use to build a life filled with purpose, and aligned with your highest values. With courage and hard work, each small attempt to cope and gradual improvement can be harnessed to help you move forward.

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A crisis creates the opportunity to dip deep into the reservoirs of our very being, to rise to levels of confidence, strength, and resolve that otherwise we didn't think we possessed.
Jon M. Huntsman Sr
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